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Benefits of shaving with a straight razor | An experts opinion

Individuals that shave using straight razor are perceived to be experts in shaving, and among men, it considered to be a badge of honor. Apart from making you look like an expert in shaving, there are several benefits associated with a straight razor. However, the best way you can achieve clean shave while using a straight razor is to use a razor that is of high quality such as the Earnest James. When you master ways of shaving using a straight razor, you will never look for any other method of shaving. Despite the fact that some individuals do not like it, many men often like giving this ancient of arts a try. In this article, we shall be focusing on the benefits of shaving with a straight razor.


What are the benefits of shaving with a straight razor?


As previously mentioned, shaving with straight razor features several benefits; these benefits include;


  • Smooth shave: Are you looking for a razor that shaves smoothly? Then Earnest James straight razor will be best for you. Straight razors are associated with fantastic smooth shaves. Straight razor offers close shave effect.


Unlike double blade, straight single blade razors can shave perfectly; the only advantage a double blade razor has over a straight blade is the amount of time taken to cut and the safety issue. However, time shouldn’t be an issue if you are looking for a perfect shave.


  • Great for Beards & MoustachesStraight Razors are superb for trimming and cutting Beards & Moustaches given they are super sharp and don’t get clogged easily like other razors.


  • Minimized irritation: Using a straight razor will aid in relieving irritation that is often associated with shaving. Despite having incredible speed when it comes to shaving, double blade and other razors are often associated with intense irritation after shaving. This is not the case with a straight razor, which offers three times less irritation effect when compared to other razors.


  • Durable: Despite being highly effective with less irritation effects, straight razors are incredibly durable. Due to their durability and robust nature, straight razors are relatively expensive when compared to other razors. However, the best part is that straight razors can last a lifetime.


  • Environmentally friendly: Nowadays, we humans have created an unsustainable amount of trash. When it comes to shaving, most shaving methods have not put into consideration environmental pollution.


Unlike most shaving razors, straight razors are designed to be durable and long-lasting hence reducing the carbon footprint that is associated with trash. With straight razors, you will minimize the number of metals and plastics being disposed daily.


  • Full control on its performance: When shaving with a straight razor, you will control the performance when compared to other forms of shaving. Unlike most shaving tools, straight razors offer total control over angles as well as pressure when shaving.


  • Factor of manliness: This might not be a significant factor; however, among men, shaving with a straight razor makes them feel fulfilled & manly.


  • Prevents ingrown hair: According to, straight razor helps in preventing ingrown hair. Why? This is because multi-blades razors tend to tug and pull hair while shaving, which is not the case with a straight razor.


What you need to know about straight razors


Straight razors were first invented in Sheffield, England, in 1680. During its early times, straight razors featured handles that were coated with silver. Since then, straight razors grew in popularity, and even today, it is considered to be the number one priority of a barber. This is due to their effectiveness when it comes to shaving. According to, approximately 1.3 billion men across the world use a razor in shaving. Safety razors are said to be gaining popularity among most men; however, straight razors still tops as the best razor to use in shaving. Furthermore, straight razors are still the leading type of razors used by barbers across the globe. In reference to these statistics, straight razors are highly effective and are not going anywhere very soon.


Final verdict


As a novice, you should expect to have a different experience when you start shaving with a straight razor. It is often affiliated with learning a new language. Using straight razor in shaving might not be ideal for everyone; however, for individuals that give it a try experience low complaints.  A lot of beginners end up replacing their ordinary razors with straight razors due to the advantages it is associated with. As we come to the end of our article, we hope that you have learned some essential benefits of using straight razor while shaving. Don’t be afraid of giving it a try if you are a novice.


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