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Best safety razors for beginners | Top products review with a buying guide

Safety razors are not only very safe for your skin but also highly effective & affordable. Nowadays, there are several designs of safety razors available in the market. Due to this choosing the one that's best suits you can become a little bit tricky, particularly for novices. Searching for the best safety razor online is an experience that comes easily to most of us. As a result, we have compiled for you the top five best safety razors for beginners.

Earnest James is a company that is well known for producing some of the best safety razors in today’s market today. Therefore, let’s explore the top five best safety razors available from these guys.

A Comparison Table For The Best Safety Razors


  • Money Back Guarantee,
  • Easy To Use,
  • Eco Friendly.
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  • Money Back Guarantee,
  • Easy To Use,
  • long bamboo handle.
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
  • Easy To Use,
  • Low-Cost Blade Replacement.
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
  • Easy Use & Eco Friendly,
  • Cheaper Than Cartridge Razors.
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
  • Extra Long Handle,
  • Low-Cost Blade Replacement.
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Recommended best safety razors for beginners:





    • Double edge safety razor. The MK 007 is an iconic double edge safety razor from Earnest James. With this razor, you will experience shaving at its finest. Furthermore, MK 007 offers maximum comfort while shaving.
    •  Durable material. Unlike most razors in today’s market, MK 007 handle is made from black sandalwood, which provides maximum grip while shaving. Nowadays, finding razors with such long handles is a little tricky.
    • Well-balanced. As a man in order to get a steady stroke, your razor needs to be well-balanced. This Earnest James razor is balanced with precision designed to fit your hand, offering perfect shaving with the utmost ease.
    • Environmentally friendly. Usually, disposable razors are among the rubbish responsible for contaminating our oceans. Unlike disposable razors, Earnest James' safety razor is a buy once lifetime product. All you need to do is replace and recycle the razor bladeS. This aids in reducing environmental pollution.
    • Satisfactory guaranteed. The MK 007 Earnest James safety razor makes an ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, holidays as well as an anniversary. Due to its high quality, Mk 007 safety razor is backed-up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    What I like about MK 007 safety razor:
    • Money-back guarantee. The 100% money-back guarantee makes MK 007 safety razor ideal for beginners.
    • High quality. Purchasing a high-quality product should always be your first priority, and the MK 007 has proven to offer that to its customers.
    • Finest shave. MK 007 safety razor is equipped with the latest double edge technology, which offers not only clean shave but also maximum comfort.
    • Eco-friendly. With MK 007 safety razor, you are assured to reduce your overly expensive plastic disposable razors that often pollute the environment.


    What I don’t like about MK 007 safety razor:
    • Size. The MK 007, safety razor is an incredible product, it is quite large and as such, it may not suit all.





    • Environmentally friendly. Recycling a plastic razor is nearly impossible, which ends up polluting our environment. This issue has, however, been solved by Earnest James, who is known for offering safety razors that can be replaced and recycled. By endorsing these safety razors, you will be keeping our environment cleaner by helping reduce plastic pollution.
    • High quality. The MK 006 by Earnest James is a double edge razor with an incredibly long bamboo handle with chrome. This makes shaving easier and much more comfortable.
    • Double-edge. MK 006 is a safety razor that is well-known for providing shaving at its finest. With this razor, you are assured close shave with the utmost ease.
    • Well-balanced. As a man, you need a well-balanced razor in order to achieve the closest shave. MK 006 is balanced with precision making steady and stable while shaving.
    • Money-back guarantee. Individuals who are not satisfied with this Earnest James product you have assured a 100% money-back guarantee.


    What I like about MK 006 safety razor:
    • Durable. Just like any other Earnest James product, MK 006 safety razor is designed to form high-quality material that lasts for an extended period without breaking.
    • Eco-friendly. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, then MK 006 safety razor will be highly recommended for you. With this Earnest James razor, you will have cut the use of expensive disposable plastic razors.
    • Comfortable. The long extended handle makes shaving extremely easy and comfortable, making this product one of the best safety razors for beginners.


    What I don’t like about MK 006 safety razor:
    • Changing blade. As a beginner changing the MK 006 safety razor blade could be a bit challenging.
    • SIZE. The MK 006, safety razor being an incredible product, it is however quite large and may not suit all. 





    • Advanced technology. All Earnest James’ razors are supplied with advanced technology, and the MK 002 is no exception. This safety razor features a fantastic chrome plating head offering the closest shave.
    • Closest shave. The MK 002 provides the closest, professional, and smoother shave with the utmost ease. There is no skin irritation associated with this razor, thanks to their double edge razor technology.
    • Well-balanced. A compact perfectly balanced razor offers the closest and accurate shave, and the MK 002 is designed to provide that with the utmost ease. The MK 002 features a blade angle that is preciously designed to provide comfortable and closed shave to both experienced and inexperienced individuals.
    • Environmentally friendly. Using the MK 002 will aid in reducing the carbon footprint. This is because all Earnest James’ safety razors are equipped with blades that are recyclable and reusable.
    • Guaranteed satisfactory. The primary goal of Earnest James is to satisfy its customers’ needs and requirements. They have achieved that by offering excellent service, unique designs, and high-quality products. You are as well assured 100% money-back guarantee when you fail to like their product.


    What I like about MK 002 safety razor:
    • Reduced carbon footprint. Looking for an effective way of cutting wasteful through away plastic? Then you should consider using MK 002 safety razors with reusable and recyclable razor blades.
    • High quality. With Earnest James products, you will not only cut your carbon footprint but also increase the usage of your razors. Just like other Earnest James’ razors, MK 002 is designed from high-quality materials that guarantee you an extended usage, unlike throw away plastic razors that are made low-quality material.
    • Incredible weight. MK 002 safety razor is heavy for its size, which makes it comfortable easier to control while shaving.


    What I don’t like about MK 002 safety razor:
    • Size. MK 002 safety razor may be a little small for people with large hands.





    • Double edge razor. The MK 001 is a product by Earnest James, and it is equipped with double edge technology and extra-long handle for a clean shave. With this safety razor, you are guaranteed a clean and comfortable shave every time.
    • Durable material. MK 001 is designed using an incredibly extra-long chrome handle. For maximum grip and control, while wet, the safety razor is refined using cross-hatch knurling.
    • Eco-friendly. Earnest James products are designed to reduce pollution associated with plastic razors, and MK 001 is no exception. MK 001 is equipped with reusable and recyclable blades.
    • Well-balanced. MK 001 is balanced with maximum precision in order to achieve the closest shave in every shave. Getting a steady stroke is essential for every man out there, and MK 001 is designed to offer that in every shave.
    • Guaranteed satisfactory. As a beginner, you should consider purchasing products that are feature no-risk purchases. Earnest James products are well known for being ideal for novices due to their 100% money-back guarantee.


    What I like about MK 001 safety razor:
    • Safety guide. MK 001 safety razor comes with a downloadable safety guide, which is essential for newbies out there.
    • High-quality handle. For you to achieve the closest shave, MK 001 is equipped with a high-quality long handle that offers incredible grip when shaving. This ensures a great shaving pass in every shave.
    • Guaranteed satisfactory. Their 100% money-back guarantee makes MK 001 ideal product for beginners to give a try.


    What I don’t like about MK 001 safety razor:
    • Replacing blade. For most novices, replacing the blade of MK 001 is a little bit tricky.





    • Closest shave. The MK 005 safety razor shaves incredibly well when wet. MK 005 is with a super-duty double edge safety razor designed by Earnest James. This safety razor is ideal for most beginners.
    • Well-balanced. Just like any other Earnest James safety razor, the MK 005 is perfectly balanced to offer smooth and closest shave possible.
    • Advanced technology. Based in Sheffield, England, Earnest James is well known for having advanced technology when it comes to a safety razor. MK 005 safety razor is equipped with incredible shaving technology that offers excellent shaving standards.
    • Environmentally friendly. Plastic razors have become common and are considered to be a significant environmental pollutant. Fortunately, Earnest James has come to the rescue by providing its customers with highly durable, reusable, and recyclable blades. These blades aid in reducing environmental pollution significantly.


    What I like about MK 005 safety razor:
    • Affordable. When compared to cartridge razors, MK 005 is highly affordable. This Earnest James safety razor is highly effective and offers incredible shave.
    • Highly reliable. The MK 005 is a highly reliable safety razor with brilliant design. This fantastic safety razor features a closed comb head and triple plated handle for maximum performance.
    • Best wet shave. The MK 005 shaves incredibly well under most circumstances.
    • Eco-friendly. With the MK 005, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint.


    What I don’t like about MK 005 safety razor:
    • Setting it up. Screwing the razor together after changing the blade can be tricky.


    How to choose the best safety razor for newbies


    Since there are several safety razors available in today’s market, selecting the one that best suits, you can be challenging. Fortunately, we have put together aspects you will need to consider when choosing the best safety razor as a newbie.


    1.Type of razor edge:

       As a beginner, when shopping for the best safety razor, you will need to consider the type of edge. The common types of edge available in today’s market are single edge and double edge safety razors. Unlike double edge safety razors, single safety razors are extremely hard to find. This is due to the production of cartridge razors by several companies. You might, however, be lucky and find one in the vintage market. This makes a double edge razor the only viable option.


      2.Your pocket

        It is always advisable to purchase a product that is within your budget, and safety razors are no exception. The budget plays a significant role in the world of razors as well. Usually, razors’ prices vary highly with their quality. You are guaranteed high-quality razors if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks. At the same time, razors that extremely expensive should not influence you at this stage; therefore, beginning with an affordable razor will be a smart choice.



          De Safety razors have increased in popularity recently, which has resulted in springing up of new brands in the market. Choosing the right brand might confusing, especially for novices. It will be best for you to carry out research on different types of razors’ companies before purchasing one; this will aid reduce confusion. Purchasing from famous brands such as Earnest James will help in reducing the chances of buying products that are of low quality.


          4.Razor Head Design

            There are several different types of razor heads; Open and Closed razor heads. Individuals who love a versatile razor head a closed razor head will be best for you. With an adjustable razor head, you can set it in accordance with your preference. Nevertheless, stable razor heads do not offer freedom of adjusting aggressiveness. Razor head design will highly depend on your choice.


            5.Weight and length

              Weight and length of a razor are also important, and you should consider paying attention to these two aspects. Most individuals tend to ignore these two aspects, which make them regret afterward. Purchasing a razor that is medium in weight is essential for balance. Lightweight razors are difficult to control consistently. On the other hand, the length of a handle affects your shaving angle. Furthermore, having a razor with a significant length is more comfortable and provides access to more areas while shaving. This ensures you have the closest shave possible.



                Grip plays a vital role in balancing your razor. Therefore, you should try and pay attention to the blade’s grip before purchasing it. Purchasing a razor that is comfortable to handle will increase the effectiveness of the blade. Therefore, you should consider buying a textured handle since they are known to offer great grip.


                Shaving tips – How to shave like a man


                As a beginner, in order for you to shave like a pro here are some factors you will need to consider;



                Softening your skin before trimming your beard is a great place to start. You can achieve this by soaking your face for approximately 30 seconds or taking a hot shower. You might as consider applying pre-shave cream before shaving in order to soften your skin. You should consider blooming your shaving soap as well. This makes forming lather much easier.


                2. Correctly positioning your razor:

                Once you have your skin smoothened, ensure that your blade is correctly loaded and position it correctly. You should consider using a mirror to guide you in positioning your razor. Place the head of your razor on your skin at an angle of 30 degrees. This angle is ideal for novices who are looking for mild aggressiveness while shaving.


                3.Shaving your first pass:

                  Shaving the first pass is relatively easy; however, it will be best for you not to panic. As a novice, beginning with your sideburns will be best for you as you go down to your jawline. You will then move the razor around your mouth once you are done shaving the sideburns and jawline. For areas around your neck, it will be best to stretch your skin; this will aid in achieving scratch-free and highly smooth shave. Furthermore, you should consider performing short and gentle strokes during the first time.

                  After every five minutes, you should rinse your razor to get rid of hair and excess soap. You will be able to unclog your blade during this cleaning process and achieve a quality shave. Additionally, you should not add extra pressure; the weight of your razor is enough.


                  4.Shaving the second pass:


                    The first pass was meant to aid in reducing the amount of facial hair. On the other hand, second pass aids in achieving a clean and smooth shave. Before commencing on the second pass, you should lather your face once more.

                    On the second pass, you can shave across or against the grain if you feel confident. However, sensitive skin individuals should avoid shaving against the grain. This is because it can lead to irritation. You should always be gentle and maintain a consistent short stroke.


                    5.Post shaving:


                      Post shaving entails maintaining your skin health after shaving. Once you are done shaving, rinse your face with cold water and apply post-shave cream or moisturizer for nourishing your skin. You should as well consider applying styptic or alum block to aid in sealing the moisturizer in your skin.


                      Frequently asked questions:


                      How often should you change a razor blade?

                      Individuals who shave three to seven times a day you should replace your safety razor twice a week. If you are shaving less than three times a week, you should consider replacing your razor once per week.


                      Are all safety razor blades compatible with all safety razors?

                      Double edge safety razors feature interchangeable blades. Furthermore, safety razors from the same company feature interchangeable blades as well.


                      How many shaves can you get from a safety razor?

                      A safety razor can offer approximately five to seven shaves.


                      How many times should you use a double edge razor blade?

                       It is highly recommended to change the razor blade every week due to the oxidation process that takes place when it gets wet.


                      Final verdict:

                      As we come to a conclusion, we hope that you have understood things you will need to consider when purchasing the best razor as a beginner as well as how you can shave like a pro despite being a beginner. You should always remember to buy high-quality razor in order to get a smooth and close shave with the utmost ease. Furthermore, you might consider one of the above best safety razors for beginners. These razors will be best for training yourself as you begin shaving your hair/beard. Since all Earnest James razors feature a 100% money-back guarantee, you should not be afraid of giving it a try.

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