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How often should you change your razor blade ?

There is nothing that irritates men than shaving with a blunt razor. Shaving with the same razor blade over an extended period increases the chances of developing skin infections such as acne. This is often associated with the build-up of bacteria in the razor. It would help if you always kept in mind that razors have a lifespan. By understanding that, you will be able to regularly change your razor and prevent the development of any skin infection. Since you now understand the effects of using a razor blade for an extended period, it will be best to discuss how long you can use one before replacing it. Due to that, we shall be discussing how often should you change a razor blade in this article.

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After how long should you replace your razor blade?


As previously mentioned, changing your razor is vital when it comes to preventing skin-related illnesses. According to, you should change your razor after every two to four weeks. Time taken before replacing a razor often varies from one individual to the other. Some factors that affect the duration taken include; the frequency of shaving, as well as the number of blades you use, among other factors.


In accordance with Gillette, a company that is well known for its high-quality razor, it will be best for an individual to change their razor after approximately 5 to 7 shaves. Despite this being an excellent guide, the best time to replace razor is when it became blunt or has rust on it as well as too much gunk it.


The most common mistake among men is leaving their razors in wet or moist areas. Places such as showers promote the rapid build-up of bacteria that are often associated with skin conditions and irritation. It will be best to rinse your blade and store it in a dry place after use. By doing this, you will be increasing its shelf life. Letting your razor dry in air will aid in reducing bacteria development and minimizing chances of rusting.


How often should women change their razor blades?


Unlike men, women need to change their razors after three to six shaves, according to dermatologist M.D Deirdre Hooper, who was interview by For women with hair that are much coarser, they will need to change their razor more frequently. Furthermore, using a less sharp razor for an extended period will not only lead to skin infections but also irregular shave, which is associated with irritation and bumps development.


Things you should know about a razor


According to Dr. Bowe, who was speaking for, using a razor for an extended period increases the chances of harboring bacteria. Shaving with the presence of these bacteria can lead to the formation of little red bumps on the skin. Furthermore, these openings allow bacteria to get into the body and spread infection. Storing your razor in a dry place will not only increase its shelf life but also prevent the growth and development of microbes.


Purchasing high-quality razors such as Astra or Feather will prevent you from purchasing razors more frequently. This is because these companies are famous for designing eco-friendly razors with premium stainless materials.


Final verdict


Have you ever asked yourself when the right time to change your razor blade is? We hope that you have your questions answered. As we come to a conclusion, you should always remember that using a razor for an extended period will be exposing yourself to adverse skin conditions. Therefore, it is best to change your razor regularly.

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