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How to use a shaving bowl – 4 easy steps with the benefits

Too many men across the world are shaving incorrectly. They might not know how to use a shaving bowl properly and they might use a pretty dull razor with a bit of soap or cream in the shower, and then finish up wondering why they have razor bumps or acne. They might also experience irritated skin; many people think that’s simply a side effect of shaving. There are better ways to shave the will leave you without any bumps, cuts, bruises, or irritated skin. 

Even though men think of themselves as hardcore, wilderness survivors, getting a great shave is an art form that requires precision and technique. It’s much more than simply putting razor to skin; it involves creating a great lather, coating the face, and making sure that the face is taken care of afterwards.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different style of shaving; you might like your way and that’s totally fine. However, if you have ever experienced irritated skin or acne due to shaving, this is something you’ll definitely want to look in to. Should you choose to use a shaving bowl, you’ll be able to create a perfect lather, which will help you get a close up, comfortable shave. 

 What is a Shaving Bowl?

A shaving bowl is simply a bowl that’s used to create a thick lather for shaving. Oftentimes these bowls are double decked; the bottom part of the bowl is filled with hot water to keep the soap warm and the top part of the bowl is where the lather is formed. These bowls are usually ceramic and actually make a great addition to any bathroom.





History of Shaving Bowls:

 Shaving bowls have actually been around a lot longer than most people would think. In the United Kingdom, shaving bowls and mugs have been found since the early 1800s, and it’s likely that they originated far before then. Shaving wasn’t as simple back then as it is now. If you wanted to have a warm shave, you had to go fetch water from a well, boil it on a wooden fire, and then carry your boiled water to the bathroom, where it was poorly lit and hard to see. Many men would take the hit and pay a barber a shilling to get their face shaved.

History Of Shaving Bowl

Come the industrial revolution in the late 1800s, and all of a sudden, the world began to change. Electricity started becoming more and more common and shaving at home became the method of choice. There was a shaving bowl in basically every single household in the United Kingdom. Even though many people have moved on from using shaving bowls, they are still the best way to get an even, consistent lather ready for shaving and they will help you protect your face while getting the closest shave possible.

Using a Shaving Bowl - Easy Steps! 

Using a shaving bowl is fairly simple. It can be broken down to four easy steps:

Step 1 is wetting your shaving brush thoroughly. You’ll need a quality shaving brush to use a shaving bowl. You’ll wet the brush with warm or hot water, and then flick off any of the excess water gently. If you have a shaving bowl with two layers, you’ll want to fill the first layer up with hot water now. This will keep your shaving cream warm throughout the duration of your shave.
























Step 2 is placing some of your shaving cream onto the end of your shaving brush. The amount of shaving cream you will use does depend on the amount of hair you’ll be shaving; however, a good rule of thumb is to use about a peanut’s worth. The amount of cream you use is certainly up to your preference and also depends on the size of your shaving bowl; if you add too much cream, it will be too dense while you try and mix it up in the bowl.


Step 3 is getting the cream ready to be applied to your face. What you’ll need to do is hold your brush at an angle and swirl it around on the bottom of the bowl. The lather will start to build like whipped cream and will be perfect for your face.


Step 4 is just making sure the lather is the right consistency for you. Some people have different preferences, but it all just depends on your cream to water ratio. If you feel like the lather is too dry, all you have to do is add a little bit more water. Luckily, it’s not like the olden days where you had to go boil more water if you didn’t add enough! If it’s too watery, you can simply keep mixing and it will even out, or you can add more cream if necessary.


Benefits of Shaving Bowls

Using a shaving bowl is superior to the traditional way of smearing canned cream on the face because it allows you to perfect the lather that you’ll be putting on your face before you do it. You can build up the perfect soapy mix in the bowl before you ever have to put it on your face. It keeps your hands clean and not slippery and it makes sure you don’t waste your soap.

The obvious con is that you’ll have to clean the bowl out each time you use it. Try not to be too messy and this step will be very simple and not much to worry about. Some of these bowls are dishwasher safe if that’s what you’d rather do; otherwise, they can simply be rinsed out and prepared for use next time.


Final Thoughts

Shaving bowls are being forgotten too quickly; they are the best way to shave if your goal is to maintain a healthy face and healthy skin. Too many people experience razor burns and cuts, bumps, acne, and irritations because of the ways they shave. Some of them buy expensive remedies or go to the doctor to see what they need to do. Before taking any drastic steps, try shaving the proven old-fashioned way with a quality shaving bowl and brush. Your face will thank you for it!

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