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What happens when you shave without using a quality shaving soap or shaving cream?

Shaving cream or soap is among the essential products that go hand in hand with a double edge safety razor. Shaving cream is essential when it comes to shaving. Furthermore, it has been used for the longest time during shaving. Nowadays, almost every man uses some sort of shaving cream while shaving. Its popularity is often attributed to the benefits it offers. However, it might take a while for a beginner to get it right. In this article, we shall be answering the question; what happens when you shave without shaving cream?


Shaving without a shaving cream

Understanding the advantages of shaving with a quality shaving cream or soap will help you know the effects that are associated with shaving without shaving cream. Shaving cream features four distinct tasks when shaving; these tasks are essential. Some of the functions carried out by shaving soap / cream include;


  • Hydration: With shaving cream, you will be able to moisten your hair while shaving. By doing this, you will experience a smooth and softer hair cut with maximum ease. You will only apply less force when shaving using a shaving cream hence giving you a comfortable shave.


  • Tracking: Most individuals might not realize this aspect; however, shaving with a shaving cream helps you to keep track of the area you have shaved. This will aid in preventing the chances of missing a spot while shaving.


  • Lubrication: When shaving, shaving cream will create a protective layer between your skin and the razor. This minimizes the amount of friction being generated while shaving.


  • Refreshing: Shaving with shaving cream will have you feel soothed and refreshed.


These are the primary advantages of shaving with shaving cream. Does shaving cream really matter? There are several side effects associated with shaving without shaving cream, and they include;


  • Damage to the skin: Shaving without a quality cream or soap increases friction, which intern might lead to harming your skin. As previously mentioned, shaving cream aids in increasing lubrication; therefore, shaving without one means there will be no lubricant to aid in reducing friction.


  • Itchiness: When you shave without a cream often leads to an increase in itchiness and development of red spots on the skin.


Furthermore, it is associated with ingrown hair that can be very painful or irritable.


  • Uneven shave: As previously stated, shaving cream aids in tracking the shaved areas. This means that you will have an increased chance of missing some areas while shaving without a cream. Furthermore, shaving without a cream tends to consume plenty of time.


What you should know about shaving cream

Due to the increase in the number of people who shave, shaving cream and soap has grown in popularity and has become a necessity among most men. According to, approximately 67% of men use shaving cream while shaving, which is an incredibly high number. Shaving cream has become famous among men due to several benefits that it features. Shaving with cream is said to have several advantages when compared to shaving without; it is due to this that most men prefer quality shaving creams such as Taylors of Old Bond Street, Phoenix & Bo, and Earnest James Sheffield England


Final verdict

Despite the benefits, while shaving, there are several things you will need to consider when using shaving cream. According to, it is best to understand some of the different types of ingredients present in the shaving cream. Furthermore, you should always try and void some chemicals that can make your skin dry. You should, however, look for things such as glycerin that are derived from plants. As we conclude, we hope that you have understood why shaving with shaving cream is more than a preference it should be essential.

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